They say there’s no truth in advertising. I beg to differ. Every product category has a truth – a human truth – that transcends print or digital, product benefits or features, copy or design. It’s a truth that touches people. Speaks to people. Moves people. It’s that one seed that can make a brand more than just a product, but apart of people’s thoughts, identity and culture. That’s where I start on every project, and what I instill in the people I lead. And whatever that human truth turns out to be, I can turn it into the big idea, sell it in, execute it and deliver it on time, be it a brand platform, integrated campaign, print ad, out-of-home spot, website, social networking strategy, emerging platform tactic  -- or even 300 banners, if you must.

Specialties: Creative strategy - Branding - Storytelling - Campaigns - TV - Print - UX - Social - New business pitches